Dear Sir
TirurangadiBapuMusliyar (also known as Abu fazl) an outstanding Islamic scholar and accomplished poet from Kerala have done much to the history of contemporary Indo-Arabic poetry. Born in 1933 at Tirurangadi, as the grandson of famous Sufi Sheikh Abdurrahman Thanoor, BapuMusliyar began to versify poems since his adult hood and enriched the realm of Indo-Arabic poetry in varieties of genre throughout his life. Apart from his superb reputation for Prophetic Eulogy and that of holy Bader martyrs, AbulFazl, as he is known sometimes, of course had brought about markedly significant trends in composing elegies as well as epics. An in-depth knowledge over the nuances of Arabic language and Islamic theology learnt from prominent Ulema of time, unbridled passion of Prophetic love and sudden and subtle wit are the defining and distinctive characteristics which made his poems spiritually awakening and heart-rending.

Consequently he had won many a achievements from great authorities such as Imam Gazzali Award (2006) Makhdoom Award (2007) Abdu Yamani Award (2012) and so forth. Though a number of academic engagements have been carried out on his life and poetry in national universities like that of Delhi and Hyderabad (IFLU) BapuMusliyar has still not attracted the attention of Indian public sphere, and much is yet to be known to students, research scholars, and to people interested in Arabic literature and beauty of the language from reflections on his poetry.

Therefore, The seminar under the auspicious of O.K Usthad Institute for Advanced Research in Islamic Sciences situated in Randathani (IFARIS) in collaboration with Department of Arabic in University of Calicut is a bold attempt to look into the poetry and life of the poet in detail. The one day programmer consists of four sessions in which, academicians, leading experts and research scholars interact on different aspects of the topic: TirurangadiBapuMusliyar; Life and Poetry.

We extend a warm welcome and hope you to grace the occasion.

Thanking You
Chairman, Organizing Committee