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Jamia Nusrath, one of the leading Islamic campuses in Kerala aims the peak of excellence at the educational scenario keeping high scale of moral vista and creative outcome. Nusrath holds aloft the torch of spiritual wisdom to pay the way for a creative generation having better Islamic atmosphere, public commitment, social stability, charismatic leadership, high merit of improving technology and multi faceted personality.


Chairman’s Message

Jamia nusrath now finishes its younger stage of spreading the spirit of knowledge with flying colours Now more than fifteen hundred students are getting educated with all facilities consisting of food, mess and accommodation free of cost. To meet this huge expense. it spends more than three lakhs monthly. Now nusrath has no specific source of income except the kindness and mercy showered by the will wishers of this jamia So I appeal to you to share your kindness towards nusrath I wish you great success here and hereafter May Allah bless us all with prayers

Ali Baquavi Attupuram Chairman, Jamia Nusrath
Ali Baqavi Attupuram

Spiritual Gathering

Every good thing begins with a prayer, Realizing this great lesson, Nusrath holds spiritual gatherings to strengthen the faith and commitment of the general public. It consists of monthly swalath, badrbaith in every morning, khathm dua for the deceased and special dhikr gatherings in which we offer prayers to all well wishers of the jamia.


As its name itself implies, charity and relief activities are the epoch making and highly significant aspect of Nusrath's ventures for social stability and development . A number of charity programmes have so far been organized in under -privileged villages in surroundings and Palakkad district. It comprises building madrasa and masjid, digging bore well, distribution of food kit, medical camp, house Construction and so on.

An inspiring step towards Islamic da'wa imbibing its good spirit here is a blue print developed by Jamia Nusrath

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